Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Oh Alright, Go Ahead.

So I'd prepped the second half of my Romeo & Juliet lesson, which involves video from Shakespeare in Love and the 1968 and 1996 versions of Romeo and Juliet - except then 20 minutes before class when I double-checked my flash drive, it freaked out and declared that not only was nothing on it, but also it was full.  So I tried to borrow Roy's flash drive, but my computer helpfully gave me an error message in Korean.

Fine, conspiratory universe  - you win!  Finals are next week, so I did what I could and then gave them 40 minutes out of the hour to study.

Which works out fine for me, because I studied, too - I read some more of an article about Shakespeare in Korea. So far I've found 3 articles that are pretty directly about Shakespeare in Korea, and then another 3 on related subjects, like ESL Shakespeare or Shakespeare in Asia.  Hopefully I'll get my act together to write a short article that connects all of those things, and includes some of my own lesson plans for teaching Shakespeare in Korea and a review of the modernized, Korean-language production of Hamlet I saw in Seoul.

Also, apparently the nutritionist (aka head lunch lady) at my school is super bummed because first grade students said in a survey that they don't like the food here.  Bummer for her, great for me -- today's lunch was delish: a twist on 닭도리탕 ("dakdoritang," spicy Korean chicken stew) that involved lots of pumpkin, really good fresh kimchi, stir-fried eggplant with sesame seeds, odeng soup (think gefilte fish's umami-er asian cousin), and-- of course-- rice.  I really should try to make 닭도리탕 before I leave Korea, so I can figure out what ingredients I can ship to London.  This recipe looks pretty legit -- I think I'll give it a shot next week!

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