Thursday, April 14, 2011

Magical Latin Spells by My Students

Today: Using Latin to make spells and stage Harry Potter-style wizards' duels.

1. Check in: "if you could invent a magic spell, what would it do?"
2. Latin magic in English-language media: clip from BtVS 4x17 "Don't speak Latin in front of the books" and wizard's duel scene from HP & the Chamber of Secrets movie.
3. Dialogs & duels: Ss make two "spells" using Latin & Greek roots and affixes, then write a short dialog and perform a dueling scene!
Par example:

Patrick vs. Richard:
R: Why are you always ignore me? I'll see I'm stronger than you, let's fight! Abspecto! You can't see anymore!
P: Oh no! My eyes. I can't see. Patersortir! I kidnapped your father. If you moved, I would kill him.
R: Caedere manus!
P: Oh my hands. But I have toes. Caesere Lingua! I win hahahaha.

This lesson was super awesome. And in two out of my three classes so far, it was a huge huge hit.
But for whatever reason, half of class 2-2 thought they would just take the day off. Every time I checked on them they acted annoyed, and they never did any work. Just checked out. There are few things more depressing than pouring energy into a black hole made entirely of too-cool-for-school 16-year-old boys. Trying to not let it get me down so I can bring some positive mojo to the last class of the day...

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