Monday, April 25, 2011

Χριστός ανέστη!

So these two Jewish Fulbright fellows decide to throw an Easter brunch in Korea. It sounds like the beginning of a sub-par joke, but it's pretty much what happened today.

While Korean food is amazing, I (and lots of other Americans here) have always have trouble with Korean breakfast. Americans may have lots of food issues, but when if comes to breakfast, they know what's up. And in Korea, while I usually throw together a quick omelette or toast + jam, I secretly want pancakes. Lots and lots of pancakes.

So on this fine Easter Sunday, we invited the crew over for pancakes. Berry pancakes, chocolate pancakes, banana pancakes, ginger pancakes. Pancakes with jam. Pancakes with syrup. All the pancakes you could want, and then some. Rachael & Emilee brought juice, Sarah brought some gorgeous strawberries, JJ made banana bread -- the whole thing was wonderful and delicious.

The piece de resistance, however, was not at all pancake-related. JJ's parents kindly sent him some Easter candy (not a popular/available item in Korea, weirdly enough), and he organized what has got to be the world's funniest Easter hunt. Thanks to this Sunday's festivities, we can now answer the age-old question "how many Fulbright fellows does it take to find two handfuls of chocolates hidden in a studio apartment."

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