Monday, March 21, 2011

Schedule Change

When my coteacher said there had been a schedule change, I feared the worst. But fear not -- my sacred Fridays are safe!
The change involves a small shift in my Monday and Tuesday schedule, with a couple of classes back-to-back rather than spread out, but I'll still arrive and leave at the same time and teach the same number of hours. The major change is to Wednesday & Thursday, where my Wednesday morning classes have been moved to Thursday afternoon. So I'll get home later on Thursdays, which means I can't run errands on Thursdays like I usually do, but I'll have more prep time for Wednesday and Thursday lessons. I definitely won't miss the marathon of 3 back-to-back 2-hour lessons. Those were exhausting, and I'd always spend Thursday psychologically and physically recovering.

I'm hoping this will mean that I'll have enough time to prep the best-ever lessons for my second graders, and avoid the attitude deterioration and cycle of frustration that can happen when they realize their other classes are more important for university applications and they check out. Maybe if I more fully accept my role as edutainer for the second graders, we'll get through it relatively unscathed! So say hello to more and better organized games and music video-based lessons than last year's second graders got.

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