Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An Open Letter to Starbucks Via Cinnamon Spice Coffee

At first, I looked down on you. Why, I asked myself, would anyone spend money on sweetened instant flavored Starbucks? You go to Starbucks for a badass cup of drip coffee, and if I want the pre-sweetened flavored stuff I work in an office full of Mocha Gold.

Oh, how wrong I was.

You -- hot, dark, and sweet -- you are perfect for me. I pour a little milk in my travel mug when I leave the house, and you are waiting for me when I get to work, all compact in your cute little Via packet. After I race around making copies, prepping materials, and dealing with the inevitable morning crazies, you're there, ready. You don't even get upset with me when I sometimes get in the mood to dabble with your friend, Mocha flavor. You know I love you best.

So thank you, for being not too sweet, not too overly flavored, and not weirdly burned and bizarrely barbecue smokey like the Italian Roast. I'm not afraid to say it -- I'm glad you're in my life.


Kaye Teacher

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