Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ickle Firsties are Super Legit

So the incoming freshman class at CSHS is intense. There are several who are crazy good at English, and when I put out the word about having an English-only lunch, the response was overwhelming.

This is a whole different animal than the friendly, casual hangout sessions I shared with the third grade students last year. First of all, there are 13 people instead of 5. And these first graders, man, they want me to prepare stuff. And they looked at me like I should have some kind of syllabus or itinerary or something. One kid was there unabashedly just for the doughnuts.

Here's what we decided at the end of the meeting (when did this turn into a "meeting" instead of just "let's hang out and have lunch together and chat in English?"):

1. Next week, we'll meet in the English classroom from 12:50-1:20, which is after everyone's finished eating but before the next class starts
2. Students are going to think up a name for the English Club (apparently we're a club now?) and we'll vote next time.
3. I'll choose a recent news article and print out copies to distribute on Monday. They'll read them and we'll discuss it at our next..."meeting" I guess
4. I asked everyone to come up with a Korean vocab word to teach me. They have to write out the word, a definition in English, and use it in a sentence. One of the girls asked "what level Korean?" and I was like uhhhh yeah I have no idea. So we'll see where that goes.

Also, I made flashcards with their names and pics. So that's gonna be helpful, I hope...?

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