Sunday, March 20, 2011

Foodaism: Purim Edition

I loved making hamentaschen with my host siblings last year. It was pure silly fun, and the cookies were fantastic.

This year, Dave and Sonja came over to make cookies. We had quite an array of filling options, including cream cheese, marzipan, chocolate, jam (strawberry, raspberry, cherry, and thanks to Sonja, apricot), and prunes. Few things make me happier than baking with friends, and one of those few things happens to be finally beating JJ at Wii. The guy has a gift, and it was getting to be embarrassing watching my little Wii avatar crumple in despair after every game. Or match. Or whatever, tennis is weird. Anyway, I totally beat him, and Dave. Finally!

Back to the cookies. The winning combination, in my humble opinion -- and let me say I think I sampled every possible cookie combo -- was marzipan + cherry jam + prune. Tart, sweet, and overall fabulous. I also bought these little cheese things that seem to be the Danish version of Laughing Cow, but taste a bit sharp, like some aged white cheddar snuck in there. That + raspberry jam was a distant second-placer.

Extra cookies went home with Dave and Sonja, and extra extra cookies went to coteachers. Extra extra extra cookies went into my mouth.

Pics on JJ's blog here.

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