Monday, March 28, 2011


Today's Lesson: Commercials (day 1)
Today's Videos: Britney for Pepsi, V8, Budweiser "Wussup"
Today's Lunch: rice, cabbage kimchi, shrimp tempura, seaweed & potato soup, individual silken tofu pack w/ soy sauce.
Today's Outfit: black Gap stretch slacks (remember shopping at Gap? I wonder how long I've had these...), Anthropologie white sleeveless blouse, pink RL sweater (thanks for the sweater set, mom!)
Days Since Coming to Korea: 631.

Even though I've only been in Korea for two years, the fact that the school year sort of runs with the calendar year (starts in March, ends in January) means that my 4 semesters span 3 school years. Because of that, today was the third time I've taught my commercials lesson. I had to up my game and make it significantly more difficult this time, because the kids are really, really talented. Of course, there are some students, probably half, that are at the same level as last year's incoming first-years were, but as I have several outspoken, talented leaders in each first-grade class this year, I feel like they're challenging me to challenge them.

So this time, I added a bit where they have to decide what timeslot they'll show their commercial in, and explain how it helps them reach their target audience. So far, it's going super well.

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