Monday, March 7, 2011

Best Semester Ever

Listen, I had it pretty sweet last semester. But here are some improvements:

1. One less teacher class (down from 4 hours/week, which was more than any other ETA I know)
2. I don't have to go to Monday morning teacher meetings anymore (good, because I don't understand anything they say, and I always need that 20 minutes to print something)
3. I retain the hour of prep time before classes on Monday and Tuesday, but my schedule gets bumped up an hour after lunch, so I finish at 3:10 rather than 4:10.

I'll use those hours that I'm saving on Mondays and Tuesdays for the killer commute to Seoul for my new volunteering gig, teaching the 5- and 6-year old children of North Korean refugees. They know their A-B-Cs, numbers to 20, a few colors, and some non-useful words presumably off of an A-is-for-Apple poster (like, say "alligator").

New schedule for the orphanage, too. Mondays at 5:30 this semester. Esther, JJ and I are going today, and we're planning to teach them a little hand clapping game. Wish me luck!

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