Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back in the ROK

Well, folks, we're back! After a bit of travel, I'm back in Daejeon. I've spent the last couple of days just in my apartment, enjoying the awesome TV we bought at the beginning of the year -- man, that thing is huge! -- and appreciating just how great it is paired with the Wii JJ bought.

It's a long weekend, thanks to Korean celebration of the Lunar New Year. Nearly every Korean business is closed, which means that nearby food options include Kraze Burger and Mr. Pizza. No thanks, guys -- the last thing I want is crappy American food. So yesterday, I picked up supplies for two of my favorite Korean foods. The soup was souper easy (heh heh) -- it's Korea, so Korean food is available in convenient forms at the grocery store. I found a pouch of soup that's totally done, you just heat it up and add whatever stuff you want. I can't believe I never did it before. I think it's because whenever I looked at the packages at the store, they had directions on the back. Simple enough in English, I'm pretty sure it all translated to "add water, add meat and vegetables if you'd like, heat up and eat," but it still made me nervous.
But I found one that was clearly totally done, just needed to be reheated. So dinner:
  • 두부 김치 ("dubu kimchi"), which is boiled or lightly fried firm tofu and sautéed kimchi
  • 순두부찌개 ("soon dubu jigé"), a spicy clam broth-based tofu stew.
  • Rice. Perfectly cooked as always, thank you magic rice cooker.
Not only was it incredibly easy, it was stupidly cheap. The soup was about $1, an extra thing of soft tofu was $.60, a zucchini was $1, and enoki mushrooms were $.90. Plus $2 of tofu and $2 of prepared stir-fried kimchi, and you've got dinner for two with leftovers.

Oh Korea, I missed you!

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