Thursday, January 20, 2011

We Did It!

Dear friends, family, and supporters of the PC Project (and especially those of you who are all three),
We did it!
$1,500 in 15 days was a tall order, but we did it --with an extra $30 to spare! It started on New Year's Eve, when Zack set up the PC Project on some of the social media fundraising sites he'd vetted. He then announced that he would personally match all donations given that night. Thanks to the generosity of the fantastic Smith and Brown '09 grads there that night -- who mostly, as one might expect, are working at non-profits or are knee-deep in grad school -- we raised $340.

Then it was off to the races, as my family, Zack's family, JJ's family, volunteers past and present, friends, and even people I'd never met all donated. Students and professionals made donations ranging from $5 - $200, and it all added up to success.

When we return to the orphanage the first week of February, it will be with three desktop computers. We'll get them up and running before the start of next semester, so that the 33 kids at the Daejeon Salvation Army Children's Home can have a better shot at graduating high school.

Thank you so much -- I can't wait to post pictures and updates when we're back in a couple of weeks!

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