Thursday, December 2, 2010

Guinea of Ecuador

Me: Name a country in Africa.
Student: Guinea of Ecuador.
Me: Sorry, what?
Student: Guinea of Ecuador.
Me: (pause, try to remember map of africa. Fail to remember "guinea of ecuador". Go to computer. Slyly google image a map while students are busy) Ahem, Equatorial Guinea?
Student: Yes, Guinea of Ecuador.

I had no clue my students had any knowledge of any country that didn't play in the world cup.
Also, does this mean I fail high school social studies?


Sarah said...

did you know that the capital city of equatorial guinea is malabo, and is on an island off the coast of the rest of the country?

i had to stop there when we flew out of cameroon.

miss you mama!! you gonna be home for the holidays at all?

dara said...

Yes! I will definitely be home for Christmas. Et tu?

dara said...

...can I pass that off as good Latin rather than bad French?