Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I read the book in one sitting, from about 12:30am when I got the book back to my apartment (Marian and I were near the front of the line to buy it at midnight at a bookstore in Dupont Circle). We both read through the night, snacking occasionally on pumpkin pasties, licorice wands, cauldron cakes, and chocolate frogs (the last of which we bought, the first three we made, with the movies playing in the backgorund). I went into the bedroom when Dobby died so Marian wouldn't hear me sobbing and know something awful was coming.

It was intensely nerdy. And thoroughly awesome.

I haven't read the seventh book since it came out -- I've read all the other ones multiple times, because I'd re-read them every time a new one came out. But I've found that if I read it just before the movie comes out, I'm extra-unsatisfied with the film (of course, that might be because I did that with the first 5 movies, which all kind of sucked save #3).

At any rate, I saw movie #7 last weekend, and it was pretty great. I was hoping they could match #6, and I think they surpassed it. I've been really looking forward to re-reading the books since then, but my copy's at home. And while stores around here sell all the books, they're in Korean.

But then, I remembered something great - there's a mini English library right in my classroom! And lo and behold. They have 3 copies of all 7 HP books. Since the kids are clearly not reading them (and if they don't read them when there's a new movie out, they NEVER will), I will be here at my desk, re-reading #7. I think I'll ask Roy if it's OK if I take a copy home with me for the day, too.

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