Friday, December 17, 2010

Birthday Package

When I opened the window this morning, which I refused to do until about 8am when it finally got light outside, I saw that it was snowing. And not just snowing, but really snowing, and sticking, too. I think this is the first snow of the year I've seen in Daejeon -- it's flurried quite a bit in the mountains where my school is, but I hadn't seen anything until today in the city outside my apartment.

Lucky for me, I have the day off. I got to spend the very, very cold day snuggled inside with dark chocolate and Mighty Leaf tea from the birthday package my parents sent (thanks again, mom and dad!), watching back episodes of "Rubicon" and working on the website for the Daejeon Children's Home.

There will be more information to come about the website, and about the project we're working on, but the basic idea is that there should be a place for current, past, and future English-speaking volunteers to stay in touch with the children, and also a secure way to donate to the home.

The site isn't completely up and running yet, but you can peek at it as I try to get it ready with blog posts, video, pictures, stories, projects, and more. Find it by directing your browser to, or by clicking here. Stay tuned for more info....

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