Monday, November 22, 2010

Still at school, since Dean came to ask me for help editing his personal statement and asked me to teach him how to speak in complete sentences.

Now, the personal statement thing I can dig. It's 3 short paragraphs, and it was easy as the chocolate cinnamon custard pie I made a few days ago. He's not a bad writer. But teaching a kid who's studied English for a decade how to suddenly start speaking in confident complete sentences? Tall order.

Now, I have the rest of the week off. I don't have to go to school at all, Tuesday-Friday. But his KAIST interview is Friday. So I'm going to come into school to work with him on Wednesday, from 12-2. He promised to have his self-introduction memorized by then (I told him it's OK if it isn't perfect), so we'll work on that and on speaking in complete sentences.

At first, I felt like I was making a sacrifice. I have a whole week off, and I could take off and go anywhere. I had vague plans to go back up to Seoul to meet with some of the Smith alumnae I just met. But this isn't a sacrifice, or something outside what I signed up for-- it's a prime example of what my job is and should be. My school and students really ask very little of me, and if I can help this kid pass his interview into a top school, then I'm cool with that.

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