Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Welcome to Yalevard

In today's lesson, my kids role-played that they were in one of 5 companies working to help high school students get admitted to the top 2 (fictional) universities in Korea: Yalevard, in Seoul, and the Daejeon Institute of Science and Technology (D.I.S.T.). I gave them a paragraph-long thing to read, purporting to be an excerpt of the university's website, and a short resume for Student A and Student B. They had to advise the student on strategies for choosing which university to apply to (and why) and for how to get into their top choice.

My favorite answer so far today was
Question #1: "What other information do you want from these universities?"

Answer: I want to know sexual rate about these university.

Now, it turned out that he was interested in the ratio of men: women at DIST, as technical universities' student bodies often suffer from an extreme imbalance in favor of men. But still. High five.

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