Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ugh. Wednesday

Lesson: song + interview prep
Song/Video of the Day: Bruno Mars' "Just the Way You Are"
Lunch: Omurice (with beef crumbles in the rice. no thanks)

Ugh. Wednesday.

I was really looking forward to lunch with the third graders today, for two reasons:
1. I had a shitty couple of lessons in the morning. A table mutinied in the second class of the day, and basically issued a collective statement that they shouldn't have to do anything in my class because they don't have English interviews for their university applications. When I kept the rudest of the lot for 2 minutes after class to chat about why she was floating around the room distracting other students instead of working, she just yelled I WANT TO GO TO LUNCH at me. I asked her to write me a short letter apologizing for her rudeness during class and assuring me that it wouldn't happen. Her response to this was to yell I HAVE NO TIME, sigh dramatically, and wince as she marker-and-scrap papered a note saying "Teacher, Sorry. I will study next class. -Emily." But not before telling me that she would have preferred to "do self-study" during class time, because she has an important class. My questions about why she didn't tell me about this and ask for some self-study time went unanswered.

Now, I realize that they're stressed. But I wasn't asking much of them -- for the first hour, we watched and discussed a music video. In the second hour, they made a timeline of their accomplishments during high school and mapped out how those things connected to their university and dream job.

2. I baked pumpkin pie last night for them. Like, from scratch. And okay, graham cracker crust, but -- I started with a pumpkin! So now what am I supposed to do with this freakin' pie?

HOWEVER. I was informed that my former coteacher has taken them out to lunch today. Bully for them, superlame for me. None of the English teachers were there, so I just sat at lunch at the teacher's table (btw beefy rice? lunchfail) as the group of aforementioned mutinous second grader's friends glared daggers at me, The Mean and Horrible Teacher. What happens to these creatures? How do they go from being sweet and enthusiastic and fun first graders to being such a pain in my ass?

Ugh. Wednesday.

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