Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Things I Did Today (in no particular order)

1. Bought a big Tupperware box, tape, and paper so I could mail cookies to the KAEC staff
2. Mailed those bad boys
3. Brought extra cookies to the super-nice real estate agent downstairs who helped me get this apartment
4. Updated English class blog,
5. Typed up LP for Friday observed class, as well as LPs for the rest of the unit.
6. Bought bread at Paris Baguette and had toast and eggs
7. Bought grapes, a string cheese, and a Pepsi Nex (along with popcorn and a bunch of leftover cookie fractions, it is the lunch of champions)
8. Looked at a very few flashcards
9. Did lots and lots (and lots) of laundry

...I feel super underaccomplished and inefficient. It's 7:40, and those 9 things should definitely not have taken an entire day!

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Anonymous said...

No meal is complete without a Nex.