Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So it turns out that there's a big entrance exam for POSTECH today and tomorrow, and lots of other Big Important Tests in the coming week. So I decided to let my kids choose whether they want to self-study or watch a movie in the second half of class. So far, one class chose movie and one class chose self-study.

I've just finished making the rounds ("do you have any English questions?") in the self-study class. I left the room for a minute to go get the worksheets I graded (or more accurately, "corrected") from last week. Upon my return, I find that the numbers are as follows:

11 students are asleep
(3 are at least making an effort to hide it -- holding a book upright, or shielding their closed eyes behind a hand. The rest are just plain passed out at their desks. One seriously even has a pillow).
4 students are legit studying
1 student is reading a book that is clearly unrelated to her work.
1 student is assembling and disassembling a mechanical pencil over and over

And, okay, so here's the thing. They're clearly exhausted. I don't have a real lesson for them. And honestly, whether or not they learn about American Halloween traditions is probably not going to have much effect on their lives. it cool if I just let them stay passed out until the lunch bell rings in 15 minutes?

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