Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fall 2010 Midterms

My kids have midterms this week. My poor second graders have to worry about their university applications at the same time as they worry about their grades -- if they don't make it into college this year, their midterm and finals scores will matter, so they're in a bit of a stressful logical puzzle.
On the other hand, since I don't teach when they have midterms, things are looking up for me.

My plan is to study, try to see some Daejeonites, get my foreigner ID taken care of (now that we can FINALLY get one! It's been really tough without it, you need one for everything from opening a bank account to buying concert tickets online), and relax. With the second graders being ...the second graders, this is gonna be a long semester. It's really, really nice to have so much time off right in the middle!

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