Friday, October 15, 2010

Chocolate Cream Pie & Flashcards

On the docket for today:

1. Running across the street for bread
2. Breakfast - egg white omelette and toast slathered in jam
3. Making GRE lit flashcards about a whole bunch of female authors (and maybe reading another chapter of Gilbert & Gubar)
4. Making chocolate cream pie.

I bought the closest thing Korea has to graham crackers, so I don't have to worry about crafting a flaky crust without shortening/lard.
But here's my question: chocolate cream pie topped with meringue is significantly healthier for you than topped with whipped cream. But how long will that meringue layer stay yummy and not devolve back into egg white mess?

Pictures to follow.

1 comment:

maybeurmom said...

meringue can last 2ish days, depending on humidity/temps..
Make it with meringue and eat it over the weekend without the remorse or ugghy feeling that cream will bring