Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesdays. Ho hum.

Wednesday. Ugh.

On the way out the door this morning, I squinched my pinkie between two parts of the keypad lock. I swear the first thing I thought was "yep. It's Wednesday all right."
Well, actually the first thing I thought was "AAAUUGHHH!!!" but that was the first thing I thought after that.

I got to school, and sho' nuff - my dependence on ETAB is starting to leak through
First class of the day is still allergic to fun, despite the fact that a few of my favorite students from last year are in that class. They just can't seem to stay awake, or get into the spirit of the thing. It's a room of second semester senior party poopers. I'm pretty sure one of the kids in the back was just doodling penises with mustaches for the entire 50 minutes.

But things are looking up -- my second class was creative and fun. Lunch with the third graders was a good time, as always (though I forgot about buying/making them a treat until just before lunch. Fortunately, I had an emergency chocolate stash at my desk, so I gave them 3 bars to split between the 6 of them). And the toughest part of the Wednesday marathon really only lasts till lunch, after which I get an hour-long break to regroup before my last 2-hour class of the day, so ...breathe. It'll all be over soon -- soon it'll be Thursday!

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