Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's Wednesday.
It's 8:24am, I haven't started my first class, and I'm already exhausted.

BUT when I go home today, I will return home to a be-couched apartment! That's right, my big jolly green couch arrived yesterday, thanks to JJ's kindly volunteering to meet the delivery guy 'cause I get out of school superlate. So now I have accomplished ALMOST all of the Apartment Things that I set out to do -- clean it, put American food in it, buy it an oven, a couch, and a big fat TV. It feels like a real apartment now! Which is good, since I'll be living in it until the end of next July.

OK, time to green tea my way into being a tolerable human being in front of my students. Believe you me, though, this is one of those days where I'm counting down the hours till I can go home and pass out.

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