Tuesday, September 14, 2010

September 14 Lesson

Lesson of the Day: Speed quiz.
Video of the Day: N/A
Lunch: Dixie cup of 5-flavor tea, a hunk of whole pan fried fish, rice with beans in it, radish kimchi (pass), bibimguksu (like...sweet veggie & kimchi angel hair? sort of...)

1. Students continue writing reviews. I feel bad about this, because we were all so over doing that work, but they didn't finish writing in the last class I didn't want to have them start something and end up not having them finish, me never look at their stuff, and for them to feel like their work from last class was worthless.

2. Remind them to edit their reviews, with special attention, as always, to
i. articles
ii. subject-verb agreement
iii. tense (past, present, future)

3. Pass back their corrected pop quizzes, review things that many people got wrong (ex: they had to define "rebel" and I got answers like "someone who can't work well" "someone who is a bad person" "a person who fight against bad things." And always a few kids who confused a rebel (n) with to rebel (v). Probably 60%+ got it right (I defined it as "a person who acts against authority or does not obey rules"), so I feel bad they have to sit through the review, but I try not to dwell.

4. Tell them they're great, and play speed quiz.

Speed Quiz is an oldie but a goodie -- I somehow managed to hold out for all of last semester without using it for the first graders. I wish I had the creativity to save it for midterms or finals season, but I just don't. I needed to fill 35 minutes, and it works great for that. I used a new version that JJ made this time, which took out the outdated Korean pop culture/political figures that kids don't know (pop culture time runs at approximately 2x the speed I'm accustomed to in America, so high school freshmen have no clue about stars that were popular in, say, 2006)

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