Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday? More like FUN-day!

Okay, okay, the title may be a smidge misleading. It isn't that this Monday is inherently exceptionally awesome -- in fact, it's cloudy, unbelievably humid, and all around pretty gross outside -- but instead, this is the only day that I'm working this week! Huzzah and three cheers for Chuseok, "Korean Thanksgiving"!

Everyone seems to be in a good mood today. It's not a half day or anything, but everyone's got the rest of the week off, and teachers in Korea get very, very few days off. So pretty much everyone is happy and life at CSHS is good!

Some examples:

-My principal left a box of "traditional Korean mountain wine" on my chair this morning. Pretty neat.
-I brought in 3 rounds of banana bread -- one for the principal, one for the teacher's office, and one for Mr. Moon, the saint of a computer teacher who drives me to school every day. One of the teachers asked me for the recipe! a DUDE teacher. Awesome.
-My package from home finally came today! After problems with customs and FedEx and whatnot, it's taken about 3 weeks to get here. Now I have some little gifties from the parents, a much-needed pair of black flats, and several even-more-needed study books for the GRE Lit test.
-My oven is coming at 5pm today :)
-After lots and lots of miscommunication, my cheap-o futon-y couch has been re-ordered, and will hopefully arrive within 3 weeks. yay!

Today's Lesson:
"Just the Way You Are" by Bruno Mars, and a few discussion questions on gracious ways to accept compliments.

Lunch: japchae (clear sweet potato-based noodles), pajeon (scallion pancake), rice (obvi), spring onion & cucumber kimchi, ddeok (sweet rice cake, in this case with yummy spiced sesame filling)

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