Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Compliments & Comparisons, Day 3

Compliments and Similes

Here are some examples of the "compliments" that came out of the simile compliments lesson. I wish I'd collected everyone's, but I only thought of doing it after the first class went. They're pretty awesome.
From class 2-1:

"His brain shines like a star."

"Your body is as thin as paper."

"Your eyes are as black as seaweed."

"Your lips are red like a red-bellied frog."

"Olivia smiles like Mona Lisa."

"Jessica's head is as small as a bird."

"Olivia is as smart as a bear."

"Who's existence is as amazing as Luke?"

"Hosung's motion is as cuty as little pet."

"Sewoon's emotions are as deep as the black hole."

"His wisdom is as wise as sage."

"He's humanity is as good as saint."

"Laura smiles like a halloween character (pumpkin)."

"Your lips are as thick as Jolie's."

And Class 2-2:

"Charlie's brain is as smart as a computer"

"Charlie's brain flows like a river."

"Dean looks like a lion."

"Ethan's eye is as big as a frog's."

"Dong Won is as tall as a tree."

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