Thursday, July 8, 2010

Thursday Stuff

I don't teach students on Thursdays (only teachers), and I can leave after lunch, so it's often my day for errand-running.

1:30pm Doctor's office, for the ENT guy to
a) suction ear wax out of my ear (ew) so he could see further into my ear
b) ask if I'm pregnant (turns out this was to prescribe the right meds, not accuse me of obesity)
c) prescribe MORE pills. 11 pills per day. Which look identical to the 10 pills/day I'm already taking (I have no idea what any of them are)

3pm Real estate agent's office, to signed the contract on my apartment for next year.
It feels really good to have that taken care of, since it's been stressing me out ever since my host father decided he wouldn't drive me to school next year.

4pm Dunkin' Donuts to buy treats for orphans. When I was there a couple of days ago to buy doughnuts for my third grade conversation class (there's only 5 kids, and they're all fabulous), I noticed that they were promoting icing "pens," to decorate plain or glazed doughnuts. We're having a little party at the orphanage today because it's our last week together this semester, so I thought that'd be a fun treat/activity. 30 doughnuts, plus a couple extra just in case. I think I'll pick up some little candy for them to use, too, like M&Ms or somethiing colorful and small.

4:30pm Maya Cafe, because I don't really want to go back to my homestay before the orphanage. I ordered an Americano, and today it came with a free little square of pineapple cake with coconut cream frosting. I don't actually want anything sugary, but free western-style foods make me feel all warm and fuzzy! Plus, tasty Americano.

I checked a lot off my list today -- life's good.

Next up -- 1) finishing organizing/preparing for my 2-hour workshop on using pop culture in the classroom, to be presented to the new ETAs this Sunday, and 2) PACKING.

Days of teaching: 3
Days at school: 3
Days in Korea: 8
Days until meeting new ETAs: 3

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