Monday, July 12, 2010

Memories Lost and Found

Last week, at our final day volunteering at the orphanage, we brought doughnuts. We picked up 30 doughnuts, along with some icing "pens" for the kids to decorate their doughnuts. It looked fun and easy in the pictures! And, okay, in real life the pens weren't so much pens as frosting glob dispensers, but the kids still had fun. Plus, either way -- doughnuts. Misshapen clumps of frosting or no, show me the 5-year-old who doesn't want a doughnut smothered in pink frosting.

Also, Yoojin had a bunch of postcards she'd brought from America. She had the inspired idea to write short, easy-to-read English notes for them. The little kids couldn't read theirs, of course, but we hope that the older kids will help them. The volunteers who are returning to America also plan to send some letters to the kids after they leave, so this would make for a nice transition.

Cuteness ensued, so I took pictures. A lot of pictures.

I also gave my camera to a four-year-old, who snapped some pretty decent shots (though she seemed to have a penchant for taking shots of butts, especially Kelly's -- do you suppose that's an eye-level issue or a personality quirk?). All around, some excellent stuff.

I couldn't wait to upload these pictures, but for whatever reason, I can't get my camera to talk to my Mac anymore. So I waited until this morning and did everything the same way I've been doing it all year: uploaded the pictures to my school PC, deleted them from my camera, saved them in a folder on the desktop.

But then, disaster struck! Somehow, the pictures disappeared from the folder I'd put them in. And I'd already deleted them from the camera. Oh noes!

Enter Mr. Moon, Chungnam Science High School computer teacher and techie genius extraordinaire. He didn't want to get my hopes up, but he said he had a program that might be able to recover the photos straight from the flash memory card in the camera.

Success! He did it. Whatta guy. I'm extremely grateful to him, as he's the reason that I can post them. More pictures coming soon...

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