Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Last Day of Spring 2010 Semester

Today's Lesson:

Hour 1: Write me a letter
Hour 2: Watch Glee 1x13 "Sectionals"

After School:
I'm headed back to Daejeon to get some major packing done (hopefully, all of it). Elena is letting me keep a giant box in her room, and even found a home for my big suitcase full of winter clothes. Since I'm moving into her building in a month, that's an incredibly huge help.
Ashley is also generously letting me keep things at her apartment. I was so happy when I found out that she'd be here for a few days when I come back -- I'm gonna miss that girl! Without her, I'd be pretty stranded. I'd have to ship things to the Fulbright office, and then have to go back through Seoul when I land, carrying all my USA luggage, instead of being able to go straight to Daejeon. Huge. The Daejeon Crew has some epic (as well as EPIK) people in it!

Speaking of which, tonight is our last Daejeon Dinner with this year's crew (minus Kelly ㅠㅠ). As of now, the plan is to get together for kongguksu, a cold noodle dish that has julienned veggies and thin, slightly chewy noodles in mildly sweet soymilk. Summery and yummy. We've had such an incredible group of people here in Daejeon. I feel lucky to have had them here for my first year, sad to see them go, and hopeful that whoever gets placed in Daejeon for the next year is even a fraction as cool!


Days in school this semester: 1
Days teaching this semester: 1
Days in Korea this semester: 2.5

The office assistant just turned to me and said "summer! Chocopie?" and handed me a chocopie. She's the best.

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