Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dear Ms. Kaye, From Second Grade

Last semester, my first graders were awesome. I thought it was something inherent in them as people, that we just got along great and they were supercool.

Now, though -- now, they're second graders.

And while at their best, they're funny and fun and smart, and there are individual students who are consistently all of those things...I have not had a single second grade class this semester where no students fell asleep.

Now, at first I thought it was me. So I made more active lessons. But it still happened, so I asked the other teachers, and sure 'nuff, they knew exactly what I was talking about. Apparently, the second graders are so stressed out that they're sleepy in every class (er, at least in all their English classes)

No word yet on whether they're hair-pullingly disrespectful in every class, though... even when 75% of the kids are happily writing and drawing letters, and then editing their work for grammar, it's tough not to focus on the 25% remaining who are being little punks.

If it's this much work to get them to write me a 1-page letter while listening to American pop music -- they've got 45 minutes to write this letter, mind you! -- I dread the months I'll have to spend getting them to do legit interview practice.

Fortunately, that's a problem for another time.

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