Sunday, June 13, 2010

June is Busting Out All Over

June in June. What a wonderful thing!

This weekend, we went to Daegu to visit the lovely and talented June Kim, Smith '08, former musical director of the Smiffenpoofs, and Daegu tour guide extraordinaire. She and her wonderful, generous parents treated us to a weekend in Daegu the likes of which I daresay few foreign visitors have experienced.

A major highlight of the weekend was getting to tag along with June and her friends as they watched South Korea kick Greece's well-shaped butt (I mean, didja watch that match? a few serious yummies on the Greek side) 2-0. The city exploded with pride and joy, and it was so, so cool to get in the middle of that. June led us out to the streets downtown, where there was an outdoor concert after the victory. Hundreds of people squished together in the square, laughing, jumping, dancing, and singing. Definitely not what you'd find in post-game New York.

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