Friday, June 4, 2010

And in My Spare Time, I Bake for Orphans

Excerpt from a gchat I had yesterday --

J: Wow
you are making me feel like my job and life is of little social utility
You are a Fulbright scholar who bakes for orphans in her spare time

Well, okay, to be fair - I'm a Fulbright Fellow, not a Fulbright Scholar. It's an important distinction, as scholars do original research and publish actual books and articles, whereas my job involves things like teaching 15-year-old boys the fine distinctions between the early music of Destiny's Child and Beyonce's solo work, discussing why Tim Burton insists on putting Helena Bonham Carter where she doesn't belong, and pronouncing "Puck" correctly.

But point taken. My life is not only lots and lots of fun, but also doesn't look half bad on paper.

So here are a few pictures from yesterday, of the chocolate chip banana muffins I brought for the office staff and of playing soccer with kids from the orphanage

[Full disclosure -
time spent playing soccer: 5 minutes.
orphans whose faces I kicked a ball into: 1.
time spent repenting by letting 7-year-old Korean children climb on me: 80 minutes]

I mean, are they not the cutest tiny people you've ever seen in your life?

Bonus Link: today, my mom sent me a link to this site. She's an artist who makes babies out of marzipan. I can't quite figure out how I feel about where this falls on the adorable ---- disturbing spectrum...thoughts?

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Louisa S said...

After reading her bio, I'm leaning more toward disturbing. Although it's worth noting that she's really adamant that she doesn't make babies out of marzipan-- they're clay. I guess people've been spreading rumors. Does that make her less creepy? A little, I think.