Thursday, May 27, 2010

Half Day, orphanage, Iksan

Outside tonight, it smells like summer and rain.

I first noticed it as I was walking home from the Government Complex bus stop. Vampire Weekend's "Campus" shuffled onto my iPod, and it reminded me that back home in my Real Life (sometimes I really do feel that way...) Smith class of 2010 are almost finished with their first week of post-college life. My housemate Louisa and I went to a Vampire Weekend concert at Smith, in JMG Hall - one of only two concerts I went to in college. We had a lot of fun, especially thanks to the high school students from Northampton High who really, really wanted everyone to know that they knew every word.

I volunteered at the orphanage today for the first time. I went last month to introduce myself, but today I got time with the kids. Yoojin and I worked with the elementary school kids, of which there are 18. And let me tell you -- 18 elementary school kids is a LOT of kids. Especially when they speak zero English. Today's lesson was about 20% learning numbers 1-10 and about 80% being a human jungle gym.

Loved it.

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