Monday, May 24, 2010

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Day 1

Lesson of the Day: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Video of the Day: clips from the 1971 and 2005 films, starring Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp, respectively (wild guess which one was a bigger hit with my kids)
Idiom of the day: "rags to riches"

1. Greetings & Pop Quiz (10 minutes)
2. Intro to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl, and reading through handout (7 mins)
3. Explain "rags to riches," and how it relates to C&tCF (3 mins)
4. Watch clip of the 1971 version, about 7 minutes in where we meet his family in their one-room hovel (4 mins)
5. Reading comprehension, reading 3 short paragraphs introducing the house, and answering 6 questions about it. Ss read and write on their own (10 mins), then compare answers with the other 3 students at their tables (2 mins). Then T asks each table to answer one question out loud for the class (8 mins) (total= 20 mins)
6. Watch the same scene (introducing us to Charlie's home and family) in the 2005 version. (5 mins)
7. Announcing our guest teacher for tomorrow, Sarah! (30 seconds ;)

At the end, I told them that they should prepare to be extra cute tomorrow, because our guest Sarah is an elementary school teacher.

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