Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mean Girls. I will spend a total of 12 hours watching it this week, and y'know what? It's still as good as it was the fir-- okay, no. But it's still as good as it was the third time. And the third time, it was really, really good.

The last 2 weeks of lunch with the third graders, I've gotten lazy and just bought them doughnuts (to my credit, it's not my fault -- my homestay sister has been studying for midterms and the computer is in the kitchen so I didn't want to disturb her). This week, I'll be back up to my old tricks, and I'm making the kids' favorite so far - peanut butter and marshmallow chocolate fudge. Yum. Check back for photos tomorrow!

This is a pretty great week - "Mean Girls" Mon & Tue, JJ visiting Wednesday (Mean Girls + snacks + honest-to-goodness American guy...my kids are gonna freak out), then checking out a local orphanage with Ashley S. on Thursday, with the intention of volunteering there the rest of this semester and into next year. Then I'm headed down to an island off the southern coast for a few days while my kids take midterms, and then my parents are visiting. I'm super excited about having them come and check out my school, and the country in general.

Any suggestions from people in the know about things for pescetarians to eat in Korea? I order the same few things when I eat out, and the rest of the time I eat with my host family. Here's what I can think of already:
1. bibimbap/dolsot bibimbap
2. sundubu jiggae
3. chapchae
3. Dwenjang Jjigae
4. kong guksu

My mom will likely object to things that are fried (though I'm planning to take them for pa jeon and makkoli anyway) or don't include a lot of veggies (strike omerice off the list)

Any suggestions?