Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Peter Pan, Grade 2

Wednesday. Three two-hour blocks of teaching, back-to-back.
Wednesdays can go either way. But today seemed to go pretty well. After all, it was bibimbap day...

Today's Lesson: Peter Pan & Paper Planes
Lunch: Bibimbap & french fries!
Wednesday Third Grade Lunch Treat / Topics: DD donuts /Third grader's success at Houston science fair, doughnut preferences, my upcoming Sherlock Holmes lesson, optimal paper plane engineering, third grader's hopes for success at an architecture olympiad this weekend.

Today I combined the M&T lessons for first graders, and added a reading comprehension component, comparing the scene in the movie and book where Peter returns to the Darling house to find his shadow.

Pictures to follow.

Making paper airplanes. Unfortunately, even during super-fun lessons, some kids still sleep...

Flying outside:

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