Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ickle Firsties

Today was the third lesson with my new first graders, and so far, they seem pretty cool. I definitely have a few boys who are going to try my patience, but a couple of supercute ones, too. The first one to stand out is Chris, who has come up to me after every class to discuss subjects ranging from idiomatic expressions to the merits of Tintin to whether NCIS is representative of American crime dramas.

I'm at my desk correcting their work from yesterday, when I asked them to plan out long-term, semester, and daily goals for English learning. Here are my favorites so far:

Long Term: I want to be a space scientist for development of Korean space science
Semester: I want to be a God of math in this school
Daily: I will study mathmatics (sic) for more than 5 hour everyday

Long Term: Get along with English like Ms. Kaye, and think about in English
Semester: Follow Ms. Kaye. Eat Snack with her
Daily: Buy the snack.

Daily: I want to learn vocabulary
Semester: I want to be able to get points 650 in TEPS
Long-Term: I want to be a captain of ["space" is crossed out] universe.


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