Monday, March 29, 2010

Commercialized Education (Commercials Day I)

This is a 3-day lesson that fits into my American TV unit. I used it last semester and recycled it (with a few edits) for my new first-years. Videos will be posted soonish!

Day 1:

Lesson of the Day: American TV: Commercials (Day 1)
Idiom of the Day: N/A
Video of the Day: Britney for Pepsi, Budweiser Wussup, Budweiser "how ya doing", Budweiser '08Obama ad
Vocab of the Day: Slogan, spokesperson, product, target audience
Before Class prep: youtube links, print worksheets and assignment slips

Lesson: Define vocabulary of the day on the board. Ask Ss to pay attention to those particular things when watching each commercial. After each commercial, ask students to identify them (ie Product: cola, soda // Spokesperson: Britney // Slogan: "the joy of pepsi" // Target audience: young people, Britney fans, superbowl audience, &c). Play all, Obama ad last (this was their favorite).

Hand out worksheets to each group (4 Ss each). The worksheet asks them to come up with a spokesperson, slogan, overall message (what the audience should learn about the product or company), and a way to get attention.
Hand out assignment to each group (assignments have a company, a product, and a problem.
*Jinro, soju, this company wants to expand into America but most Americans don't know about soju
*Angel-in-Us, Coffeshop and coffee, this company wants more young students buy Angel-in-Us products or visit stores
*Taco bell, Mexican fast food, this company wants to open stores in Korea but first Korean people must want to try Mexican food

Students have about 30 minutes to design a 30-60 second commercial spot for their company, specifically solving the problem given to them.

Day 2:
Idiom & music video of the day, then write scripts for their commercials.

Day 3:
Film their commercials, then I/MV ot D if there's time at the end.

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