Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Story About Christmas Break

Here's a story from Charlie, one of my secret geniuses - a kid who never ever talks in class, but nevertheless is supersmart, great at English, and can be witty in at least 2 languages, when he feels like it. He's usually way too cool for school, and in a class of kids who are usually pretty apathetic, that's saying a bunch. But sometimes he lets out gems.
Keep in mind, it's his response to my super-uncreative writing exercise for the last 10 minutes of a 2-hour class.

The Fantastic R&E Adventures

Everything started when the magical professor Boo summoned 4 of us (me and my friends) to the Chungnam University. He gave us a noble R&E quest. "Find the proof of evil Lowner-Heinz inequality! Then you'll get the item 'no more R&E for the rest of my vacation'!" It is a very unique item. So I and my friends got into work. We paid 7 days of vacation to find the evil proof. But we failed and the time is off. The professor didn't like it, but he gave us the item for hard work anyway. So I enjoyed vacation for 3 days. Yes, 3 Days! I hate R&E and Prof. Boo!

I mean, RIGHT? So good. Also, sad. 3 days of vacation, after the way these kids work during the semester? That sucks so hard.

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