Thursday, January 21, 2010

A List of American People That Koreans Think I Look LIke

- Natalie Portman. I'm putting this one at the top because it's my favorite. She's a badass vegetarian Jewish girl who went to my theater camp before graduating with honors from Harvard. Not only has she mastered that balance of superhot and super classy, she's also actually talented - I bought "V for Vendetta" like the day it came out. I can't decide if I want to be her, marry her, or forgive her for Star Wars.
Accuracy: I can't begin to answer this. My hopes and dreams lie in the balance.
Source: Two second grade girls, after they saw a clip from "Star Wars"

- Katie Featherston, the girl from Paranormal Activity. Link
Source: Host sister's math tutor, a student at KAIST
Accuracy: 4/10. She's a freckled, green-eyed Irish-looking girl. From Texas. Not so much there. However, she's got super fair skin and medium-long brown hair, so that part I get.

-Abby from NCIS Link
Source: New first grade student, before leaving first class
Accuracy: 5/10. She's like 40, but she does have dark hair and bangs, and I was wearing a black dress over a black and white shirt that day, so I kind of get the whole goth thing. Still, not an exceptionally flattering comparison...

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