Monday, January 18, 2010

Konglish-English Dictionary

Part of the beauty of English is its elasticity, its ability to invite international lexical guests to the party. Along with a smattering of Franglais and Spanglish, you'll find a fair bit of Konglish (Korean+English) on this blog. Here's a user's guide to the words that creep into my speech and writing most often:

Chingu / 친구 = "friend" in Korean
Daejeon = my hometown in Korea
ETA = English Teaching Assistants, the official title of the recipients of Fulbright teaching grants in South Korea
First Graders = the Korean high school system has 3 grades. I teach first and second grade high school students, or 14- to 16-year-olds.
KTX = Korean high speed train, which connects the northern and southern of the ROK in about 3 hours.
Noraebang = literally "singing room" in Korean (think private karaoke rooms)
Migook / 미국= "America" or "American"
Sansengnim /선생님 = "Teacher" in Korean (official Korean gov't transliteration = seonsaengnim

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