Sunday, December 27, 2009

Time Zone Troubles

I thought I'd had jet lag before. I mean, I've been back and forth to western europe a dozenish times, and that pretty much just meant that I'd take a couple of wacky naps before getting on my feet.

Three days in, and I'm still way, way out of sorts. Everything is upside-down - night is day, day is night, my twin cousin (more on that later) and I have switched East-West orientation (there's a porn title in there somewhere, but I beg you to let it go), and the biggest Christmas Eve party I've ever been to was just held at my (Jewish) house.

This morning, I woke up at 4, read E. Nesbit's Book of Dragons on my brand-spankin'-new Kindle, and figured by 5:30ish that I was up for the day. So I brewed a cup of earl grey, toasted some leftover banana bread, and sat down with a stack of Christmas books.

Of course, I got about 30 pages in before I started gchatting with other Fulbright kids, most of whom are either still in Korea or home but on jetlag time

This lead me to thinking about culture shock, reverse culture shock, and reintegration. I guess I'd sort of been thinking about coming home for Christmas as a break from my grant year, but it isn't -- it's a part of my grant year. And therefore, I believe, no less blog-worthy.

Which brings me to a recap of the past week. I've been home for 6 days already, but see above re: hella jetlag - I'm still in kind of a time warp. Not that I'm complaining, because the time warp involves soft cushy beds (the kind that don't exist in Korea), TiVo, puppy snuggles, and lots and lots of Italian food. Still, I think writing it out will help me when I'm headed back to Korea and thinking "where did all that time go?"

It went here.

December 22 I landed in JFK and was met by my wonderful family, including Beowulf. (see here for a picture featuring Beo with Louisa, who looks like me but only sort of is). They drove me home to a warm kitchen, where I devoured the first turkey sandwich I'd had in 6 months (on a baguette, with avocado and swiss, in case anyone was wondering) and promptly passed out.

December 23 I slept all day, and was willing to wake up ONLY for a date with Sarah C., who I've been friends with since before I could spell "friends" (see here for a picture from us at summer camp in 5th grade. I'm on the far left and Sarah's standing up - celebrating the last performance of Taming of the Shrew, I believe). We went to Starbucks to catch up (don't judge me! Arcadia, aka Old Greenwich's ye olde towne coffee shop, was closed) and I didn't have to translate my order. It was fantastic. Plus, I got to chat a bit with Sarah's mom and brother, who I've known forever, so that was nice.

Dec 24 - the biggie. This deserves its own entry. Be back in a few, with pictures....

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