Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Schedule Shuffle

Lesson of the Day: Speed quiz.
Word of the Day: Senioritis
Video of the Day: Miley's "Party in the USA"

Since the second graders finished with finals, college entrance exams, and interviews last Friday, most of them are outta here (leaving behind those who weren't accepted this year / haven't heard from their top choice yet), the school combined all the second grade classes to make one normal-sized one.

My schedule for today is thus:

8:30-9:20am: Teach the second grade combined class.
9:20am -3:20pm: Nothing.
3:20-4:10pm: English teachers' class

And okay, my job is easy and they pay me well, so gift horse/mouth, but does this seem a little whack to anyone else? It takes me longer to commute than I spend doing actual work.


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