Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Brb, POS lol luv ya BUHbye =o)~

The title of this post comes from an actual conversation that I had on AIM in 7th grade. How do I know this?

Because while going through my computer to see if I could get my external hard drive to work again, I just uncovered the motherlode. A treasure trove of pictures and AIM conversations from 2000-2001.

I've only gone through the tip of the embarrassingly large iceberg, but my favorite so far (screennames omitted to protect the ridiculous):

J: okay I have today's poll question I get daily from the Communist Party USA
J: im giving it to you
Me: ok
J: Is armed revolution ever necessary?
J: do you think the school'd let me start a Young Communist's Club?
J: http://www.yclusa.org/organize/yclorg.html
Me: lol
Me: talk 2 my WT teacher
J: is he a Commie
J: im actually kinda serious about this
Me: he wont admit it but he told the kids last year he was
Me: or used to be
J: okay
J: well....would you show up
Me: probably not
Me: communism hasnt been a great success so far
J: why not
J: never been tried
J: but thats another story
J: anyway, i gotta go
Me: i agree with the principles i suppose but to find a government that isnt corrupt? thats hard
Me: ok i g2g too i'll ttyl mwahz bye babe

That response would have been great enough on its own, but when followed by that last line, it's pretty epic.

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