Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving in Seoul

Things I am thankful for:

-Singing the TLC classic "No Scrubs" at the American embassy in Seoul (highlight of the night- the ambassador enthusiastically accepted my offer to bring her a copy of the original)
-Dan and Ben's phenomenal talent and the time we spent 'rehearsing' for Friday
-Excellent (and much-anticipated) turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce at the embassy
-Pirate Bar
-The three Korean college kids who helped me find my way back to the hostel on Friday night (it was a little dicey there for a while - see above re: Pirate Bar)
-Rockin' kimchi jiggae in Hongdae on Saturday night, a couple of hours before returning to our roots at noraebang
-Rain's abs in "Ninja Assassin" ("...Let's go.")
-My brilliant, beautiful, and fabulous friends in Korea -- some of whom I won't see again until January, and all of whom make my life in Korea the unbelievably gift that it is! :)

I'll expound on the above later, with pics and video as soon as I get 'em.

UPDATE: Still don't have the vids from Vinny, but David took a little of "No Scrubs," which you can find here on his blog.

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