Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thanksgiving, Daejeon style.

Last night, rather than our usual weekly tradition of going out to dinner in Daejeon, the Daejeon crew decided to instead have an American Thanksgivingstravaganza. It was delightfully low key - potluck in Kelly's studio apartment, old school and BYO. Since none of us had an oven big enough to roast a turkey, we had a couple rotisserie chickens. Kelly and Yoojin made garlic mashed potatoes, Ashley figured out a brilliant way to make BANANA BREAD in her RICE COOKER (can you tell I'm super-impressed?), and people brought pumpkin pie (God bless the Daejeon Costco!), wine, soda, and other goodies.

As for me, well, I like cooking. While I bake cookies or quick breads or dessert-y things for my family about once a week (yep, I'm bribing them to be OK with me leaving every weekend), it's not too often that I get the opportunity to cook in Korea.


About 100,000 won (~$80) in ingredients and supplies later, over the course of 2 days of baking in my apartment and then cooking at Kelly's, this happened:

(thanks to Ashley for the pictures of all of us at Kelly's!)

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