Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pepero Day

Ah, Pepero. The Korean cousin of the Japanese snack Pocky, a food I grew to know very well in elementary school thanks to the flood of Japanese businessmen who moved to my New York 'burb on the wave of the Japanese boom.

Pocky and Pepero side-by-side

Today, November 11, is Pepero Day here in South Korea. I'd heard a bit about this Korean equivalent of a Hallmark holiday, but I'd sort of forgotten that it was coming up. November seemed impossibly far away during orientation. So I was pleasantly surprised when a teacher I've never spoken with handed me a box of the stuff in the parking lot, just as I got out of the car this morning.

Pepero Day - totally commercial modern holiday with little to no emotional resonance? Yeah, probably. Delicious? Fo' sho'. I'm saving that bad boy for after lunch, since you never know when the cafeteria is going to pull out one of their all-meat lunches.

More on Pepero Day at wikipedia.

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