Friday, November 6, 2009

In The Future, We Will All Have Cootie Catchers

Lesson of the Day: The future tense (M.A.S.H. and fortune tellers/cootie catchers)
Video of the Day: none, really. Though I did play "My Heart Will Go On" for one class, because I had to run upstairs and make more copies. Playing it cool.
Idiom of the Day: a reminder about "get married to" rather than "get married with"
Lunch Today: bibimbap, miso soup, and tangerines! Not a beef rib or mystery fish parts in sight - I'm a happy girl :)

At lunch today, HSF sat next to me. He asked me when I'm going to Gwangju this weekend, and then said that he wished I would stay home more often. I felt a little guilty, but then of course he said "you should climb mountain with us!"
I'm now entirely confused as to whether he wants me to spend more time with his family because I'm awesome, or because he was back to mocking me about not exercising. Given his track record, I'm guessing the latter.

A brief review/explanation of M.A.S.H., followed by an excruciatingly long time where they came up with, erased, and changed the options for each category, finally playing after about 15 minutes. Good grief. I made worksheets with a space for them to fill out their fortunes in paragraph form, with complete sentences, using the future tense. After they were done with that, I handed them an instruction sheet with pictures, markers, scissors, and a blank piece of paper, and explained how to make a fortune teller.
Most people finished crafting their fortune teller by the end of class, but didn't get to tell many fortunes. So we'll finish that up next week.
The downside of this lesson is that it was a little haphazard, and definitely demanded less of my kids than I usually do. The obvious upside is that it was a much better fit for my lower-level kids than some of my other classes have been. And the nature of the activity allowed a fair amount of self-pacing -- some kids were still MASH-ing while others were doing the fortunes or writing them up. In that respect, it was great - I hate the idea of having some kids be lost and some kids be bored all the time. It was really nice to not have to break everyone into the same pace.

Today I had a kid from 1-2, English name Ian (which I will now never forget, since he asked me if I knew it and I didn't...awkward) come to my desk after lunch and ask if I would send him some American music. I asked him if he had any favorite kinds of music, or artists, and he said that he never listened to American music before but he really likes he stuff we play in class, so he wants to know more about American pop, rock, r&b, and anything else. I'm so happy :)


Mr. Kim (USA) said...

Why HSF wants you home more on the weekends:

Because you're awesome.

SS said...

Definitely agree with Mr. Kim (USA)...

And.. one of my kids bought the Taylor Swift CD after watching it in class = my cultural ambassadorship is complete :-P

Manchoon said...

Dara- thank you so much for your feedback and I do appreciate discussion on this blog.

I think the fake-it-til-you-make-it principle is valid, and there's nothing wrong with desiring to do good things for the community around you. Regardless of the motives - at least good is being done, right? I totally agree with you on that point. But it is still worth it to examine motives, not that it should hinder someone from doing good..

Christians claim that Jesus is the fulfillment of the Jewish Scripture and the Law. When reading through Jewish texts like the Psalms by King David, there is a sense that David is desiring to do good things for G-d, but not in order to establish a relationship with Him.

Our interpretations of the Scriptures is that G-d, in His love and faithfulness, pursues people, and that there is really nothing that we can do in order to improve upon what He is doing as a basis for approaching Him or having a closer relationship with Him.

Of course, we believe that everything's been done through Jesus, his death on the cross, which was the ultimate expression of love by God.If Jesus is the Christ that fulfilled his purpose to make a way for sinners by dying on the cross - wouldn't he be a symbol of G-d's love? Then we can believe that G-d pursues us and mad a way, and there's nothing more to build on our relationship.

I have fun having these kinds of discussions as they keep me on my toes about the truthfulness of what I believe. I know that this is a deep topic that most put considerable thought into.

I am honored that you (a member of the Tribe) dropped by the blog with your insightful comments. Hope we can have more dialogue about this in the future.