Wednesday, November 11, 2009

If You Could Gaze Into The Future, You Might Think Life Would Be a Breeze

Lesson of the Day: a modified version of Ben's "In Five Days" lesson
Video of the Day: unfortunately, N/A. More on that later
Idiom of the Day: N/A
Grammar Point of the Day: distinguishing between the future simple, the future perfect, and the future continuous

Last week, we did two lessons practicing the simple future tense. Wednesday we learned the word "predict" (I threw in some etymology for the advanced kids, which they dug) and predicted the future of Taylor Swift's relationship with that guy in the "You Belong with Me" video, and our own futures with M.A.S.H. Then on Friday, we finished playing M.A.S.H. and added some fortune tellers/cootie catchers into the mix.

So this week, we'll finish up talking about the future. Unless they don't master it, in which case we'll spend some more time on it next week, before moving on to Thanksgiving stuff.

Today's Lesson:
First, as per Ben's lesson, I wrote on the board "might" "will" "won't" and then left a little space, and then "will be ___ing" "won't be ___ing" and then space, and then "will have ____ed" "won't have _____ed"
Then in big letters in the middle I wrote "In 1,000 years, Gongju..." and asked the kids to predict (see? check me out with my scaffolding!) what Gongju will be like in 1000 years. I gave them an example for each category - "In 1,000 years, Gongju will be a desert" "CSHS students will be studying alien languages" "will have hosted the Olympics 26 times." They brainstormed the future until the board was full ("everyone will have moved to other planets" "it will be covered with trash" "it might be a vacation spot for aliens," etc)

Then I passed out a worksheet that included Ben's stuff plus my stuff, and we went over it together. It has kids fill in blanks like "I ____ go to the beach tomorrow, because it will be very hot," or "In 10 years, I ____ _____ finished my university degree."

Then I passed out the gem of Ben's lesson, a paper with 6 boxes in it and "In five days, Bruce Willis will go to Seoul, because he wants to advertise a movie" in the first box. (I've got different starting sentences for each class, so I won't get bored - next one is"In 5 days, Jessica will visit CSHS to promote Girls' Generation"). I wrote the instructions on the board: "Write at least 3 sentences. Use at least 1 sentence structure from the worksheet. After 5 minutes to write in the first box, they folded that box over and passed the paper to the next group. 5 groups, 5 boxes, 5 minutes per box - by the end of class, everyone had juuust finished writing on each paper. On Friday, we'll read them.

Also on Friday, I really hope my computer-tv connection gets fixed. It's been out for a few days now, and I definitely use it as a crutch. I'd really like to play them the first few minutes of the Futurama pilot episode, since it's pretty much exactly the beginning of this lesson. Hopefully that'll work out.

Here are some sample stories from my first class:

Story Example 1:
Bruce Willis will meet the bugular (sic) in the Seoul, because he wears a suit. Burgular's name is Horim, Horim is a master of Kungpoo Horin killed Bruce Willis so Horim's world will begin. But Jae-byoung who is rival will rise in revolt.
He'll suddenly meet a heart attack, and the last thing he sees will be a rotten smile man with a God of the death. Then, amazing thing happens. His hole in the heart restores and the silly mask suddenly appears. He realize he has a chun suae cham-wol in his hand.

Suddenly, wild Pikachu will appear in front of Willis. Willis will get Pikachu, because it's level is only 2. Then, Pikachu will go to Lee Su Jae's box, because he has 6 pokemon.

Suddenly, a strange fruit appear, and he will eat it. But it will nt be delicious. It will transform to Pikachu (it is Pikopiko fruit).

Julie is very brave, so she cross Pacific ocean! In the Seoul, Korea hold big festival. First come Bruce Willis, second Tom Cruise, and final person is Julie.

in a few cases, I'm pretty sure my kids peeked at the folded over part of the story before theirs. Also, please note that in the following story, the italicized text preserves the original student formatting.

Story Example 2:
Bruce Willis's car will got crushed by Miss Kaye's car. And, Bruce Willis will get a crush on her. So they will cross the street and go to coffee shop.

Julie will be crushed on James. They fall in love each other. They are best couple. They will marry in 3 years they are very happy. That time Lisa appear. Lisa is James ex.

Horim will be emperor of Universe. And he will revive Bruce Willis in sideok's help.

He'll run by a car. And when he wake up in white room, he can see a line which means a death. He feels something uneasy in his pocket, and there was knife. But he died hardly.

Willis will try to return USA. And he ride an airplane. THen, Missile will come Bruce's airplane. So an airplane will be crushed. But he will live hard.

And oh yes, dear readers, there's plenty more where those came from. Just wait until 1-3 does their thing...

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