Monday, November 2, 2009

Girls Can Be A Hero

Lesson of the Day: "Hush" part 2, and writing/editing response exercise
Video of the Day: Part 2 of "Hush" (I own the whole series, and showed it to my kids with English subtitles, but you can watch an un-subtitled copy here)
Idiom of the Day: "small talk"
Lunch: spicy seafood soup, steamed rice, tofu with black sesame, kimchi. Yay vegetarian food!
Highlight Thusfar: one girl's response to question #4, "Describe this episode to a friend who has never seen it" --
"Superman, Spiderman, and Batman were all man. But Buffy is girl hero. In this episode we can know the way to communication. And girls can be a hero."
Rock on, sister.

Today we watched the second half (...ish. My genius class had already gotten through about 3/4 of the show last week) of "Hush," and students considered the show through verbal discussion and written responses. I told them they could be honest about whether they liked the show or not, so long as their grammar was solid.
Here are the questions I asked:
1. What was your favorite part? Why?
2. How did this episode discuss communication? [ed note: we talked about this at length for two classes]
3. Would you like to watch another episode of "Buffy"? Why?
4. Summarize (describe, explain) this episode to a friend who has never seen "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Do you recommend that they watch the show?

Best answers to #1:
-The gentle men stole voice. and there were many situation.

Best answers to #3, "would you like to watch another episode of Buffy? Why or why not?":
-"I want to watch another episode. It is a little [funny is crossed out] stupid, but very fun."

-Yes, because that is so strange. This movie is some bizzare. (sic)

-I'd like to watch more about "Buffy". The reason is that though story is a little weird, heroine Buffy was pretty.

-I don't like to. It is not real. There is no gentlemans, no witches all over the world. I don't like great wizard story. [ed note: this is the only kid who said "no" in his class]

Best answers to #4:

-[from the "it is not real" kid] "This is story of superhero whose name is Buffy. Buffy is a girl. She is strong, clever, and fast. Also her friends are great. But I don't like it. It's a lie."
- This is a little bit stupid show about Superhero whose name is Buffy. Buffy fight against the gentleman who stole people's voice. I don't know exactly but this show try to discuss communication. (ed. note: this kid answered #3 "yes, I'd really like to watch another about Buffy!")

OK, I'll edit this post later. I'm gonna head out on the next bus, and correct some of these fabulous responses at Maya, my new favorite coffee place in Daejeon - three cheers for free internet!

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